Looking for a game tester for a Visual Novel

Hello moon viewers !

I am currently looking for a game tester who would agree to test our game and report any kind of glitch or bug for free.

If you agree, write a comment below to inform us about your decision.

When you are done with testing our game's demo, send us a mail on polar.moon@outlook.com to report all the unwanted issues that

we will fix afterward ! 

Thank you very much and I really hope to hear from you soon ! :)

Have a pleasant day,

And keep watching at the gorgeous Polar Moon.


Konran;Zanki - GATE01 [Prism+Virus] DEMO.exe 1,003 MB
May 08, 2019


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Sorry if I'm late but I'm up for testing. I've basically been the one playing the game and trying to report all problems after all. And I've got plenty of free time on my hand so I can help you out with grammatical errors and bugs at the same time.

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Hello Jason, how are you doing ?

Thanks again for volunteering ! I appreciate your volition greatly !

If you agree to, whenever there is a bug, mention the day, the event in question and give details about this bug :).

You kind of know the drill now.

I.m looking forward to your report ! :)

I really wish I can help out with the dialogue. It just kinda bothers me with how it's written, but today will be focused on bugs.

DAY 1:
-A previously reported bug about looping dialogue is everywhere in Fujita's room in the very beginning. Apparently even everywhere too. I feel like you have extra scripting in these events that causes the dialogue to repeat after the first unique dialogue. There are times where the repeated dialogue happens immediately after you try clicking an event again, or when you click it again after that and that's when the repeat starts. You might have to delete some switches.

Sorry if I haven't been able to report much for now. Been busy with other things. By the way, Day 4 is not supposed to be accessed yet right?

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The looping issue seems very odd since it seems to be happening a lot with you when I haven’t heard much about it from other people.

There’s been a few let’s plays of our game and it hardly ever happens, even when I play it myself.

I noticed this happens when you double click an event, do you often double click ?

And tell me, what is bothering you about the dialogue, is it that clumsy ?

And no, day 4 is not meant to be accessible yet.

Thanks for your report Jason.

Alright so I guess I finally figured out the problem. Well, I don't know if you can fix it or not, but I've kinda noticed it this whole time.

It's a problem if you let the player move the cursor and for it to be able to sense events while there is a cutscene going on. In every area while there is dialogue playing or CG on, I can always move my mouse and be able to hover over things while it is still active. Maybe I might've clicked a lot but just to click the event and then the text box. Is there anyway you can disable that to avoid this minor issue?

As for the dialogue, there's a lot of spaces and dialogue that doesn't flow well. There's some added words or sentences that almost seem like it was directly translated.

I am working on it. I’m not sure if I will be able to fix it in the next few days since I don’t have much scripting knowledge but I’ll try to fix this double click issue as well as the hovering text during cutscenes and CGs, which is probably an issue that will be easier to fix.

As for the texts, I’ll try to refine it for the next update of the demo and make it... more enjoyable to read I suppose. Hopefully, for the final version of the game, I will be able to find someone who will be able to fix that for me.

Thank you again Jason ;).

I'd be interested in testing the game!

Then please, proceed to do so :). Thank you very much for your volunteering.

If you have any question, please ask them.

Send us your report on our email : polar.moon@outlook.com  

I’m looking forward to it. See you soon TechnicAdd :).

Well would you look at that! They're back!

We’ve always been there my friend ;) ! We’ve simply been a little more discreet.

lol by the way did you got a new laptop yet, my friend?