Further game's development and uploads

Hello moon viewers !

It's Dear_Elise from the Polar Moon team, so as you may know, I am now the prior Dev of Konran:Zanki, Atsutsu and Ilena having their own business to deal with.

Now, the day 3 has been fully achieved, which is the eventful day that inclded the first "mindhack" and one of the character's demise.

What we would like to know though is, would you guys prefer us to upload the new version of game every 3 days of the game (yes, the days in the game, now the days in real life.) or would you prefer us to fully complete the game before we upload it (obviously, we will still update it in case of glitches and all.)

The first option will get you updated more often than the second one, however, we will have different issues to deal with.

The second option would be easier to do but we are concerned that the game might take too much time to do and that we lose people's interests for Konran:Zanki.

So, what are your thoughts about it ?

Let us hear your thoughts or ideas !

Have a nice day  and keep watching at the superior Polar Moon !


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People would love to play asap, but if the second option is much easier for you and your team, then you have to pick the second option. I might also have an idea.

Konran:Zanki stuff could release it when the game if fully finished, but if you could at least finish the 3rd game so we know about the memories of the dead person, that would be cool.

That's how you guys could make only 2 versions (the one with finished day and full game) + bug fixes.

What do you think of my idea?

Hello Westerm !

This is what we're going to do, I am about to release the 3rd day in its entirety.

We will release the game with days 4,5 and 6 (until the second mindhack) for Patrons exclusively and finally, we will release the full game here when it is fully completed and that at least most of bugs have been removed.

Thanks for sharing your opinion,

Have a pleasant day ;).