Clarifying why Konran:Zanki isn't a Danganronpa fangame

Hello moon viewers !

We thought we could finally adress something we have been noticing since the release of our game's demo.

Many people have been comparing our game to Danganronpa, which is something very understandable, but on our side, we decided that it was about time to express our disagreement with it.

So here are a couple of things we have or heard or been accused of and that we wish to rebute.

So let's go :

  • Dokuroku is a bit like Monokuma

Initially, Dokuroku was meant to be a human with a disfigured bunny mask, however, this character seemed very out of place. The reason why we wanted to put a queery looking mascot was because this idea added this comical and grotesque aspect to the game and toned down the overall dark atmospher. Another reason why there is this mascot, which wasn't meant to have the same role as Monokuma, is because our influences include lots of fantasy characters,  for project games we have been working on, they all include the same kind of mascot or funny little character. 

  • Yuzuki looks Kirigiri and Yoneno looks like Iruma

We highly refute this ! Yuzuki Yumiki was inspired of Yuzuki Yukari, the artist's favorite vocaloid. Yuzuki Yumiki was first meant to have the same haircut as Yuzuki Yukari, front ponytails with short spiky hair at the back, which we changed for her actual hairstyle. In fact, throughout the game, you can actually see old sprites of Yumiki.  Not all purple hair and purple eyes characters are meant to be Kirigiri's look alike ! That is an anime trope, people should understand that Kirigiri is far from being the first or only character with such features. This only detail we will admit is that both share the same seiyuu (voice actress, Hikasa Yoko). Now for Yoneno and Iruma, there is no way to deny a resemblance, but that is the reason why we decided to change her appearance by chopping off her fringe to tone down this likeliness. It was already too late to redesign her entirely. Because, regardless of the fact that Konran:Zanki was released after Danganronpa 3, the game had already entered into its earlier stage way, way before it !

  • The body discoveries video clips look like from Danganronpa

We won't lie, we inspired ourselves for this, but this is among the few things we took inspiration of. (But we also took this from Sayuri's death in DDLC). We couldn't think of another dramatic way to portray a body discovery.  We really like how these body discoveries video clips give an off putting vibe. We have yet to find a more creative way to do them.

  • It looks so similar in design

For the game, we wanted a "clashing" design. The duality between the grim storyline and the colourful settings created this very contrasted atmosphere which we like so much ! A clear example, take a cute little girl, give her a knife and a dress splattered with blood, it will create this dualistic design. It will cute but also creepy. So in the end, it's a bit similar to Konran:Zanki, it's horror but also colourful, which results in the game not being too depressing regardless of its dark story line.

  • The charadesigning looks similar too

Dear_Elise, the visual artist for the game, explained it this way : " Fairly said, this is not intentional. Years ago, I managed to find my own artstyle, which happened when Danganronpa was not even half as well-known as now, in Europe, where I reside (DR was maybe not even released out of Japan yet, I don’t know really know.) Now that I come to realize it, I have started to change it a little more to avoid the spot-on resemblance with Danganronpa. However, when I really wanted to make a change, Konran:Zanki was already well-achieved and I didn't want to redraw everything in order to avoid a major time loss. This would've been very time consuming. But somehow, I feel like the use of sprites really accentuated the likeness between my art and Danganronpa's ! Now I can assert something : no Konran:Zanki character can be compared to Danganronpa as all of them were created even way before Super Danganronpa 2 ! I was probably 16 years old and I am now 23 years old. Only Hanbee was redesigned a couple of months before we started Konran:Zanki."

  • Admit it, you wanted to make a Danganronpa fan-game\rip-off.

Clearly, if that was the case, we would have admitted it by now. What would have been the point of wanting to make a fan game if we thoroughly  deny it ? If it was the case we would have called it DR fangame and we would've probably gotten more views and attention, but it is not the case at all. And to tell you the truth, none of us, the devs of Konran:Zanki, are Danganronpa fans. Sure, this survival visual novel is interesting, but none of us really followed it by all of our attention.  Frankly, our game was even more inspired of Steins:Gate which the three of us (Dear_Elise, Atsutsu and Ilena Pupa) agreed on. It's a bit of our common ground. We all really enjoyed this visual novel\anime. But all of us have our individual favorite animes. Dear_Elise really liked Steins:Gate, Houseki No Kuni and Asobi Asobase. Atsutsu is more of a manga lover though. And finally, Ilena is more of a slice of life and comedy anime lover, she really liked Nichijou, Blend S,  Nyaruko-san and others as such. 

Whether it was unconsciously made this way or not, Konran:Zanki wasn't made to be based off Danganronpa. 

But in the end, we try to cope with the fact that many people still consider it this way. We're okay if people believe that both games look very similar (or even with other games) as long as they don't call our own game a mere rip-off. 

Now if you wish to refute or disagree with everything we've said, just keep in mind that we are not lying and please, remain polite and descent. Thank you !

We are still grateful if you've tried out game nonetheless ! Thank you very much !


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Part 3

Fancy ! Thank you for keeping up with our game, we still really enjoy your let's plays !

By the way, we noticed you had forgotten about the use of the "Q" button to find clues when you need to search around , it might be useful next time ! ;) 

Have a pleasant day !

Polar Moon's Team.