A downloadable Konran:Zanki GATE01

Konran;Zanki is  a Sci-fi, Survival Visual Novel.



You will be conveyed into a pop-futuristic atmospher in which an ominous, future-inducing theme will be associated with a colorful 2.5D  environment   .


Fujita Anju, an average college student, finds herself
trapped in an unfamiliar location with several other people.
As their memory loss as well as the ominous situation indicates that 
something's going wrong, a weird cubic creature named Dokuroku appears 
with the intention to hack into their Prisms, a daily-use microship
implanted in the body at birth, and enroll them in a thrilling, 
deadly adventure.

The game includes :

  • Over 10 characters each with a  japanese VA.
  • Around 20 Facesets for each characters to add motion to the texts
  • Atmospheric background musics
  • 2.5D designing mixing 2D sprites and 3D backgrounds
  • An insidious storyline 
  • Minigames 
  • Many CGs
  • A few short movies for immersion



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Hey Elise it me, i wonder how the redesigns doing? will they ever be revealed or posted somewhere?

Helloooo~ ! It’s doing great ! Still a lot of work to do though ... but I’m still working hard on that !

But once all sprites and CGs have been redrawn, I will reupload the game so that everyone can enjoy it again.  Thanks for asking !

idc for visual novles, just wanted to let you know your art style is fantastic, and perhaps too good to be on just Itchio.

Oh dear ! Thank you so much ! I feel greatly flattered ! I’ll still try to improve it :) ! 


I made the account on itch.io just to tell you guys that I. LOVE. THIS. GAME! The characters are charming, the backgrounds look very good for 3D models, CGs look so cool and it's overall great. If i could i would become a patreon! Keep working on your masterpiece guys! :D

Hello Westerm, it’s so nice of you to take the time and the effort to make an account just to share your appreciation of our game with us !

We’re very grateful and all jolly to hear that someone has enjoyed it that much ! And do not worry, your support is already much appreciated. We hope to hear from you soon enough and on our side, we shall keep on doing our best to make the game up to your expectations !

In the mean time, keep watching at the blissfull Polar Moon ;).

- Dear_Elise.

This is pretty cool. This gives me so much Dangonronpa vibes and for some reason it's a little bit of steins;gate too. Even though I didn't mention it. But still soo far it's pretty cool to play.

(1 edit)

(This gameplay video comes from an older version of Konran:Zanki, many things have been changed or fixed.)

We've been delighted to see your let's play ! We'd be extremely happy to see the rest of it :) !

We've also left a comment on your video and subscribed to you. 

But also we've left you a little note on your video to explain you how some mechanics work and about the new update that you may want to get. (A little glitch has been fixed which might make your game crash if you don't download the 0.2.1, if you have the 0.2.0 version, you may be able to retrieve your save files.)

Have a pleasant day OWCP ! Keep doing the great work and thank you very much ! :)

This was super fun!! the art is amazing and the characters are super cool! Loving the Danganronpa vibes this game gives off

Thanks lovely being ! We are very glad you’ve enjoyed it !

However, although this might share similarities or inspiration, the game was not meant to give a Danganronpa vibe, funnily, we had more inspiration from Steins Gate.

Thanks again for dropping by and letting us what you think about our game :)

Have a nice day !

I love this game so far! The characters all seem very sweet, and I know just how much I'm gonna hate seeing them all killed off. Is there any place I can access the sprites, because I wanted to make icons and aesthetics out of them!

Thank you very much Lynn ! We really appreciate your feedback ! We will try to upload a couple of each character's sprites somewhere (any specific character sprite preference?), I'll provide you a link once it will be done. 

Hello Lynn, sorry for the lateness of our response, but here are the sprites : 


Please, don't forget to credit us and let us see about your arts, we'd be happy to see it :) !

Have a nice day.

Why does the download have 'Prism Virus' in the name? Won't that confuse people and make them think it has a virus?

Deleted post

It is like some sub name related to the specific storyline of this game.

I guess people will figure out there isn't a virus. If someone wanted people to download an infected file it wouldn't very judicious to mention that it has a virus.


I realize this now and feel really stupid. 

oh god, no. Don't be ! It's alright.